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What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a cutting-edge methodology that explores the relationship between our mind, language, and behavior. By understanding and utilizing the patterns of excellence, NLP empowers individuals to achieve outstanding results in various areas of life.



Our NLP Training Program help you become an even more effective and transformative life coach.

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Training Modules

These training modules coaches gain the tools and knowledge to guide their clients towards mastery, helping them tap into their inner resources, overcome limitations, and achieve excellence in various aspects of their lives. By embodying NLP principles and utilizing effective coaching strategies, coaches can support their clients in creating lasting positive change and realizing their full potential.

Key Benefits of NLP Training:

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Training Program Highlights:

Who Should Attend?

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ICF Certified Coach - Honey Gudh - PCC Certified 20 years of Experience - ICF Coaching Education

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Program Founder & Trainer : Honey Gudh

NLP Training by Honey Gudh

Ms. Honey Gudh is the Program Founder, PCC-ICF, Master Coach Trainer, Facilitator, and International Executive Coach. She is a renowned Keynote Speaker, ICF Credentialed Coach Trainer, Corporate NLP Trainer, Master Coach, and Leadership Development Facilitator. With a passion for unlocking the full potential of individuals and organizations, Honey has dedicated 25 years to various strategic, training, operational HR, coaching, and leadership development roles across diverse sectors.

Honey’s expertise lies in delivering coach training’s, workshops, leadership trainings, and coaching sessions at all levels of business. Her innate talent for personal and organizational development, combined with her contagious sense of fun, energy, and unwavering dedication, sets her apart from her competitors. She constantly strives to be the best in her field by training with the industry’s leading experts.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Honey embodies the principles she teaches. She has devoted herself to the integrity of her spiritual path and has built an international firm committed to personal transformation as a Master Coach Trainer. Collaborating with a team of expert professionals, she trains thousands of participants each year, integrating effective modern technologies with timeless wisdom from ancient spiritual paths.

Honey’s remarkable knowledge of coaching, training, mentoring, and related subjects, coupled with her exceptional ability to simplify complex concepts, reflects her rare talent. She has invested significant time in developing her coaching and training practices for both private and corporate clients, earning admiration for her expertise and skill. Honey’s trainings are intensive, fast-paced, pragmatic, and highly interactive, offering a fun, fresh, exciting, and easily understandable learning experience.

Drawing from her extensive business background, Honey brings real-world acumen to her training approach. Her primary focus is empowering her students to surpass their own expectations and become the best version of themselves.

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