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Learn to be a Life Coach
Cocoweave is a ‘Coaches Institute’ our Life Coaching Courses includes Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Agile Coaching, NLP etc…
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What is Life Coaching?

  • Helps you to gain clarity on where you currently are and where you intend to go in life. Find Your Purpose!
  • ICF Coaching as a career option is highly enriching and is developing quickly in today’s time.
  • A Professional Certified Coach can use NLP as a tool in Life Coaching.
  • Life Coaching is a new yet fast developing field, hence unlimited opportunities to grow.
  • Ease to choose between Online Live Interactive Classes and Face to Face Classes.
  • Being a Life Coach gives you an opportunity to become a catalyst in people’s life

Become a Business Coach, Wellness Coach or an Executive Coach

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Who Should Pursue This Course?

A Trainer, HR Professional, Psychologist, Doctor, Counsellor, Celebrity, CEO, Entrepreneur, CA/CS, Academician, Teacher, Professor, Principal, Healer, Home Maker, A Professional, Social Worker or an Aspirant Coach...


Transform Self. Transform Lives.
Most clients term Coaching is a Transformational experience that helps them to tap to their truest potential, both personally and professionally. As a professional coach you have the unique opportunity to unlock your client’s creativity, productivity and potential.

NLP Training

NLP Training For Professionals


Executive & Team Coaching

We at Cocoweave work with corporate’s teams, executives, managers on Training, Coaching, Coach Trainings, Assessments and other learning interventions across the globe. We would love to connect with you and explore the possibility of how best we can work together.


For Individuals & Corporates

Anyone anywhere can benefit from the collaborative co-creative relationship with a coach. Whether you are a corporate who intends to coach your executives, workforce or you are an individual who is looking for professional coaching, we would love to work with you.


As a New Age Learner you want instant access to information, continuous learning and consistent growth opportunities. Cocoweave ‘the coaches institute’ offers a variety of Online Live Interactive Coaching Program(s), Community Networks, Cohorts Learning, Value Added Services, Evaluating and Improvising your progress journeys, and just-in-time tools that delivers our benchmarking Coach Training in a flexible, scalable, self-paced format.
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If you or your workforce is dispersed and you need a consistent learning, peer coaching or observed coaching experience… Talk to us

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Take Your Coaching Skills to the Next Level. Cocoweave ‘the coaches institute’ offers ICF Coaching Education upcoming Free Events & Workshops.

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Explore our Free Courses, Thought Provoking Articles, Videos, and Tools to address your Coaching, Leadership and Management challenges.


Join Life Coach Certification Courses

ICF Coaching Education provides a competitive edge both in their content and stature to the aspiring coaches. Organisations worldwide recognise ICF as an Industry Leader and Gold Standard Body in the global scenario. ICF certification will give you unmatched credibility, competence, confidence and the ability to expose your services to a wider network.

ICF Coaching Education


ICF Coaching - Life Coach Certification Level 1_ACC_ICF Accredited Coaching Education - ICF Coaching Education

ICF Accredited Level 1

Route ACC Certification
ICF Coaching at Level 1 is best suited for aspirant coaches who intend to gain ACC Certification

ICF Coaching - Level 2_PCC_ICF Accredited Coaching Education - ICF Coaching Education

ICF Accredited Level 2

Route PCC Certification
PCC Certification Level 2, gives you an opportunity to be a Business Coach, Executive Coach or a Life Coach.

ICF Coaching - Life Coach Certification Level 1_ACC_ICF Accredited Coaching Education - ICF Coaching Education

ICF Accredited Level 1

Route ACC Certification
ICF Coaching at Level 1, is your ultimate destination as A Certified Life Coach.

Master Certified Coach - Honey Gudh
Ms. Honey Gudh is the Founder of CCI-Cocoweave Coaching International, Program Owner of PCC-Professional Co-Creative Coach with ICF, Master Trainer and Mentor. She is an eminent Speaker, Trainer and an Executive Coach who connects emotionally and intellectually with every member of the audience. She has been serving as corporate trainer, consultant and executive coach of several international conglomerates. Honey’s expertise and experience includes organisation design and development, corporate learning and development, marketing strategy, advertising, organisation development, conceptual selling and sales management, strategic planning and strategic change management.
Professional Certified Coach - Aamish Dhingra
Aamish is Co-founder of Cocoweave Coaching International and an ICF credentialed coach. He is a people’s person who is well appreciated and acknowledged both in and out his fraternity. Being a young entrepreneur with exceptional passion of connecting, counselling and coaching people across globe. Based on his extensive passion for learning, Aamish is a member of Area Advisory Board of Amity University for Management Programs. He is coaching/mentoring students at Amity, Jamia, several Financial Institutions wherein he helps them to create a forward vision and a positive frame of mind. He believes that every situation in life has something for you to learn, just be open to read through”

What Our Alumni's Says

“What Our Alumni Say” is a place to share their stories about the impact Cocoweave Coaching International has had and continues to have on all of our lives. Listen or Read below. Want to share yours? You may also meet some of your fellow alumns on ‘COCOWEAVE ALUMNI MEET’.
Testimonials ACC Batch Jan 2022 - ICF Coaching Education
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Testimonials PCC Batch April 2022 - ICF Coaching Education
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Testimonials ACC Batch May 2022 - ICF Coaching Education
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Testimonials ACC Batch July 2021 - ICF Coaching Education
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Why Choose Our Courses

Cocoweave ‘ICF Coaching’  has a fundamental desire to make great things happen for you. At every level of our organisation,
we go out of our way to serve and exceed yours’ expectations.

Proven, Time-Tested Content

With two of the world’s most widely-used coaching models, the GROW Model and The Purpose Model, our content has been developed and updated periodically to keep you up the benchmarking standards in the Industry.

Breadth and Depth of Experience

Our team of Coaches, mentors, trainers and experts deliver ICF Coaching Education to help individual/organisations extract the most out of the program being offered and it makes complete value for money.

State of The Art Training Methodology

When we at Cocoweave 'ICF Coaching' say we benchmark quality and redefine the industry standards we mean it, Attend our LIVE INTERACTIVE WEBINAR TO GET A GLIMPSE.

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Our Clients

Our esteemed clients/Alumni’s are spread across the globe and across the sectors. You may be a next
Business Coach, Executive Coach, wellness Coach or a Life Coach

Our Blogs

These blogs from our coaches, mentors, trainers, subject specialists and guest bloggers express the thoughts and
opinions of individual Cocoweave ‘ICF Coaching’ staff members and guests.
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