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Best Institute In India For ICF Certification Course And How To Select Them

ICF Certification Course and How to select them?

So you have decided to become a Life Coach and now you are confused to identify which is the best institute in India for ICF certification course also which offers the most affordable ICF coaching certification and how can you select that One The Best Life Coach Training Institute. Right? At the outset I would congratulate that you have already made couple of big decisions in your life. One that you intend to do something different than what you have been monotously doing in the past. Second the decision to get into something that you have actually been thinking for quite some time but not in a way that could propel you to take an action. And finally you have decided to do something that gives you an opportunity to do more and more of what you love.

Well, most of us always thought that our passion of helping others, connecting with other beings, being empathetic, caring, benevolent, sensitive, emotional and kind hearted was more of a bane than a boon in this commercial, materialistic, practical, rock hearted world. But here you have made this courageous choice of doing something that not only aligns with your mindset and personality but also gives you an opportunity to make financial gains and a possible sustainable career opportunity. So it appears more to be a process to progress from Passion to Profession to Profits. A perfect Win-Win situation of life.

Trust you have reached this stage and a deep appreciation for this great work!

Now the next few decisions that become equally important are:

  1. Which is the best life coach training institute in India?
  2. Why is ICF Certification the most sought after today?
  3. Is the training institute ICF accredited?
  4. How do I select the best life coach training institute in India?
  5. What are the parameters that needs to be considered before the final choice is
If these are the questions that you have been grappling with in the recent past before making your final plunge of enrolling into the program, then let me assure you that you are not alone. This is exactly what most of people who are at this stage get confused since there’s so much that has been said and shared and marketed that it becomes a herculean task to make the best choice. It appears that all are trying to pitch for the same stuff but packaging in different wrappers. Well, this too becomes interesting as you’ll find in the coming lines that we explore that if you keep few pointers in mind and then check for the required distinctions, your herculean task will become a baby task in no time.
Let’s get started:
In order to check for the best institute that provides ICF accredited courses in India rather the Best ICF Accredited Coaching Programs, check from the broader to the subtler aspects that ensure that you get a wholesome view and not one aspect that over shadows the other very critical but finer nuances that might disrupt the whole learning process.

So here’s the first basic check: Is the coach training institute ICF approved and accredited. Does the name of the training school appears at ICF official website as an accredited Training Partners. This is a very simple process. All the ICF accredited training schools are listed at ICF website along with their coaching certification programs. This makes the training school authorised to use the ICF logo on their certificates. 

Level and Path of Accreditation:

Now if the name is listed in ICF website, check for the path and level of accreditation of the training school. Currently ICF has revised its standards and accreditation process and any training school offering ICF accredited training program or icf accredited coaching programs online can offer either at Level-1 (ACC Level) or Level 2 (PCC Level) or Level-3 (MCC Level) or all three of them. Meaning, if any training school is offering a CCE path by offering few credit units that means that may be the institute can offer a/few courses but not the complete path for ICF Certification course. The institute that offers Level-1 certification will provide a minimum of 60 ACSTH and the same will be mentioned on your certificates at the successful completion of the training program. And the institute that offers Level-2 certification will mention at least 125 ACSTH on your certification as per ICF guidelines. This certification serves as one of the mandates towards your ICF credentialing process.

Trainers Experience, Approach and Credentialing level:

This is another very critical aspect for you to check if the coach trainer imparting the ICF accredited training is competent, confident, credentialed and experienced in these kind of specialised trainings. Coaching is different from most of the psychosocial professions like counselling, consulting, training, teaching and mentoring. Therefore the coach trainer imparting such training must be seasoned and credentialed to do the same. Check for ICF credentials of the trainer himself/herself. Your major interaction during your entire learning is going to be with your designated trainer. So, if possible, also ask for an interaction with the trainer itself. Along with all the technical and competent details of the trainer, also check for the approach that the trainer takes and if your values get aligned with them.

Support Opportunities:

Next is the add-on support that the training school offers. There could be many training schools who could be ICF accredited and impart required Level-1/Level-2 hours of coach specific training and then leave you there. Coaching is a work that needs a consistent support, handholding and guidance specially in the early days of training and then a consistent support towards your on-going learning. This can be a little to much to expect, since most training schools will claim to complete your training and provide you with the certification. Herein, check for a training school wherein your learning, support and growth becomes their core values. Where, apart from providing core coaching competencies, ICF based trainings also help you with your coaching practice, client coaching, observed coaching support, etc. We at Cocoweave besides all the aforementioned support structures also provide you with some of the out of the box learning and growing formats, like our exclusive Value added sessions, Advanced Coaching Discussion Forums and Spiritual learning forums wherein you get an opportunity to know, explore and practice spirituality in word and spirit, since I believe that coaching is closest to spirituality as it helps you to reach to your core.

Launching Support:

This is one of the ancillary yet very critical aspect for you to make a choice for the best life coach training institute in India that not helps you to gain ICF certification, Credentialing but also nurtures you for launching yourself as an ICF certified Professional Coach. The fact that you are an ICF accredited coach is a matter of pride and it becomes equally crucial for you to gain your paying clients. Yes, the sole essence of someone coming to this world of coaching is primarily and largely based on your intent to serve people and to make generous positive ripples in the ocean of life. And also at the same time coaching is a highly paying professional. So your launching support becomes important at this point of time. Again,. It’s important to mention that do not ever be confused or befooled if any institute claims that we’ll give you clients and you don’t have to do anything. Or even if someone insists you to market them and get to coach clients. Truth is that you are undergoing the professional coach training program with the intent to work on yourself and become a catalyst to make changes in people’s life. Keeping this in mind it’s definitely important to get the best possible launching support. In this regard, we at Cocoweave Coaching International understand the essence and therefore start working with you from the very beginning to offer you Marketing Training Sessions. These exclusive sessions are meant to handhold you in your marketing learning journey so that at the end of your coach training you are equally ready to launch yourself as a professional coach with a stream of paying clients that too in the niche that you intend to serve. This is one of the exclusive bonanza that we offer our students since we understand that how important it is for you this aspect as well along with your professional training and ICF Certification.

In Closing:

Having said that the aforementioned points will serve as a quick check for you to gauge the Credibility, Quality and Support Offered that’ll help you to make the rightful choice in choosing the best Life Coach Training Institute in India that provides ICF Certification Course considering ICF certification cost at Level-1 (ACC), Level-2 (PCC) and/or Level-3 (MCC). I hope, pray and wish that you get to work with one of the best coach training organization and you become one of the most successful and transformational coach and a being of brilliance.

Good Luck ! 

Honey Gudh  Written by Honey Gudh, PCC

Would you like to work on your self-developmental skills and make difference to the world? 

I invite you to join our Life Coaching Training Program at ACC level and PCC level. This training program is ICF approved and offers 154+ hours of approved coach specific training hours, peer practice coaching, observed coaching and mentor coaching hours and has many exclusive offerings for participants.

New Batches are commencing from:

  • 23rd April’2024 Online Interactive ICF level-2 Training (PCC Level)
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  • 11th-15th April’2024 (Face to Face 5 Days PCC Level-2 Training Program)
  • 4th May’2024 Online Interactive ICF level-1 Training (ACC Level)

I offer trainings both at ACC Level and PCC level that are largely based on PURPOSE Model of Coaching that works truly students to make Transformational Leaps by tapping on their true potential both at Personal and Professional levels.I have been in this space of learning, training, mentoring and coaching for a long time, (since 2001) and have served many international conglomerates, with resounding success, learning and growing with every experience! I share incredible coaching tools and exercises, intensive coaching library, self-assessment dashboards and toolkit to accelerate your understanding of ICF coaching competencies at each level of ACC and PCC. I offer trainings on core coaching competencies relating each with real life examples derived from your life, creating opportunities to learn and grow with every moment that we interact. You get an opportunity to put your learnings to practice through extensive practice coaching sessions with your peers and clients and continuous observations to improvise your learnings.

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